Acceptable Use Policy

Effective Date: 01/04/2024

By using our services, you agree to comply with our Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP"), so please read them carefully.

1. Prohibited Activities

You are prohibited from using our services to publish content or participate in activities that are illegal under applicable law, harmful to others, or could potentially expose us to liability. This includes, but is not limited to, the following prohibited activities under this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP):

  • Engaging in unauthorized port or security scanning.
  • Distributing unsolicited emails or "spam."
  • Unauthorized attempts to access or penetrate other's accounts or security systems.
  • Phishing or any form of identity theft.
  • Spreading harmful code such as viruses, worms, or Trojan horses.
  • Disseminating adult content, pornography, or offering escort services.
  • Sending unwanted communications.
  • Facilitating attacks like DoS or DDoS.
  • Promoting violence, terrorism, hate speech, or infringing on intellectual property.
  • Conducting unauthorized cryptocurrency mining.

2. Blacklist Policy

You are prohibited from utilizing our services in a manner that results in us or our resources being subjected to blacklisting or blocking. We retain the right to suspend or terminate your services, client account, and any access to our network or physical infrastructure. Engaging in operations or reselling services on behalf of or in connection with individuals or entities listed in the Spamhaus Register of Known Spam Operations database at will be regarded as a breach of this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

3. Tor Nodes

The use of Tor Exit, Tor Relay, and Tor Bridge nodes on our network using our IP address space is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy will lead to the immediate suspension and/or termination of your services and/or client account.

4. BGP Usage Policy

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) services are provided under strict compliance policies to ensure the stability and security of our network and the wider internet. Customers utilizing BGP must adhere to the following guidelines:

4.1 BGP Configuration and Use

4.1.1 Route Announcements
  • Customers must ensure that all BGP route announcements are accurate, necessary, and authorized. Only prefixes owned by the customer or explicitly allowed by the prefix owner should be announced.
4.1.2 Route Registry Accuracy
  • It is required that customers maintain accurate records in an Internet Routing Registry (IRR) for all prefixes they announce. Additionally, creating Route Origin Authorizations (ROAs) via the RPKI system is highly recommended to improve routing security.
4.1.3 Prevention of Route Leaks
  • Customers must implement appropriate prefix filters based on their routing policy to prevent route leaks and mis-announcements. This includes both outgoing and incoming route filters to and from ParadoxNetworks Limited.
4.1.4 Coordination and Notification
  • Any significant changes to BGP configurations or planned large-scale announcements must be pre-coordinated with ParadoxNetworks Limited's network operations team to ensure network stability and to prevent any adverse impacts.

4.2 BGP Community Usage

4.2.1 BGP Community Support
  • ParadoxNetworks Limited provides BGP community tags to customers for managing traffic flows and implementing routing policies. The use of these communities must adhere to the guidelines provided by ParadoxNetworks Limited.
4.2.2 Prohibited Uses
  • Manipulating BGP communities to circumvent ParadoxNetworks Limited’s traffic engineering, cause unnecessary route propagation, or otherwise negatively impact network performance or stability is strictly prohibited.

4.3 Monitoring and Compliance

4.3.1 Monitoring
  • ParadoxNetworks Limited actively monitors BGP sessions for anomalies, misconfigurations, and policy violations. Customers found to be in violation may have their BGP sessions temporarily suspended pending resolution.
4.3.2 Compliance
  • Failure to comply with these BGP usage policies may result in temporary suspension or permanent termination of BGP services and, depending on the severity, may impact the overall service.

Customers are encouraged to engage with our technical support team for best practice advice, configuration assistance, and any questions regarding BGP service use. Ensuring the security and stability of our network and the broader internet ecosystem is a shared responsibility, and we appreciate our customers' adherence to these policies.

4. Resource Usage Policy

4.1 Fair Use of Resources

4.1.1 CPU and RAM Usage
  • Activities that consistently utilize excessive CPU or RAM may adversely affect the performance for other users on the same server. We reserve the right to limit CPU resources for processes that negatively impact overall server performance.
4.1.2 Bandwidth
  • Bandwidth usage is monitored monthly for each customer. Usage exceeding the allocated limit may result in throttled internet speeds or the imposition of additional charges.

4.2 Monitoring and Enforcement

To ensure compliance with our resource usage policy, we implement the following measures:

4.2.1 Automated Monitoring
  • Automated systems are in place to monitor and manage resource usage across all hosted services.
4.2.2 Notification of Excessive Use
  • Customers whose resource usage poses a threat to the stability of our environment will be notified and provided with options to either reduce their usage or upgrade their service plan.
4.2.3 Remedial Actions
  • In instances of significant overuse, we may take necessary actions to maintain server stability, including the temporary suspension of services or an automatic upgrade to a higher service plan, subject to the customer’s agreement.

This Resource Usage Policy aims to prevent the misuse of shared resources and guarantee access to necessary services for all customers. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial for maintaining the high performance and reliability of our hosting services, benefiting all users.

5. Colocation Services Policy

5.1 Power Consumption Policies

5.1.1 Power Allocation
  • Each colocation customer is allocated a specific amount of power usage based on their service plan. It's crucial to operate within these limits to ensure the stability and efficiency of the data center's power resources.
5.1.2 Monitoring and Compliance
  • Power usage is monitored to ensure compliance with allocated limits. Customers consistently exceeding their power allocation may be subject to additional charges or may need to upgrade their service package to accommodate their power needs.
5.1.3 Energy Efficiency
  • Customers are encouraged to utilize energy-efficient equipment to minimize power consumption. This contributes to the overall sustainability of the data center and supports our commitment to environmental stewardship. Using modern, efficient hardware reduces operational costs and enhances environmental benefits.

Customers should consult the details of their specific service plan for comprehensive information on power usage allocation and any associated fees for exceeding these limits. Our aim is to provide a reliable and sustainable hosting environment, and adherence to these power consumption policies is essential for all colocation clients.

For further details on accessing colocated equipment and additional terms, please refer to the Terms of Service (TOS) available at

6. IP Transit Services Policy

6.1 Usage and Bandwidth

  • Fair Use: Customers are expected to use IP Transit services within the allocated bandwidth limits and not to exceed agreed-upon capacity without prior arrangement.
  • Traffic Management: ParadoxNetworks Limited reserves the right to implement traffic management policies to ensure equitable access and network efficiency for all customers.

6.2 Security and Compliance

  • DDoS Protection: In the event of a DDoS attack targeting customer networks, ParadoxNetworks Limited will implement protective measures by blackholing traffic to the affected IP addresses down to the most specific /32 (for IPv4) or /128 (for IPv6) prefixes. This action is taken to mitigate the impact of the attack on the broader network and maintain service stability for all customers.
  • Lawful Use: All use of IP Transit services must comply with applicable laws and regulations, including those related to data protection and copyright.

7. General Compliance

All services provided by ParadoxNetworks Limited, including Colocation and IP Transit services, are governed by the following compliance obligations:

7.1 Adherence to Policies

Customers must ensure their use of ParadoxNetworks Limited's services is in full compliance with our Terms of Service (TOS) and the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining the security and integrity of their systems and data, and not engaging in activities that could harm ParadoxNetworks Limited's network, affect other customers, or negatively impact the broader internet.

7.2 Responsibility for Compliance

It is the customer's responsibility to understand and adhere to all applicable policies and guidelines. This responsibility extends to ensuring that their use of ParadoxNetworks Limited's services does not result in harm or disruption to the network, other users, or the internet at large.

7.3 Consequences of Violation

Violations of these policies may lead to enforcement actions, including but not limited to:

  • Temporary suspension of services.
  • Permanent termination of services.
  • Other actions as deemed necessary to maintain the integrity and security of ParadoxNetworks Limited's services and infrastructure.

ParadoxNetworks Limited is dedicated to offering a secure, reliable, and high-quality hosting environment. We expect all customers to contribute positively to this environment by adhering strictly to these policies.

8. Legal Compliance

Users must comply with all relevant laws and regulations while using our services, including but not limited to data protection laws, copyright laws, and anti-spam regulations.

9. Disclaimer of Liability

ParadoxNetworks Limited is not responsible for the content transmitted or stored on its network by users. Users are solely responsible for their actions and content.

10. Changes to the Policy

ParadoxNetworks Limited reserves the right to update or modify the Acceptable Use Policy at any time. Users will be not notified of any changes. It is the responsibility of the customer to regularly review the policies to ensure compliance. The continued use of our services after any such changes constitutes acceptance of the updated policies.

11. Reporting Violations

11.1 How to Report

Misuse of services can be reported to, with a commitment from ParadoxNetworks Limited to investigate thoroughly and take appropriate action.

You may or may not recieve a response if action is taken. Law enforcement is encouraged to contact us at with all requests

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